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June 29, 2009


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Brandon Smith

That's why you are the master. I have to confess that I have only recently started doing this. I used to use my signature as ...

Brandon Smith
AgentExcel <-linking this to the site

Now I do it like this...

Brandon Smith
Real Estate Marketing <- linking this to the actual site

This is actually something that I remember you saying a while back so thanks.


Thanks for the post..
It was very informative..
Idaho Real Estate


This a very helpful article. I think most importantly is patience. It takes time and consistant action for your page to get known.

Matt - Colorado Luxury Real Estate

Consistent action is right. You can't give up on your efforts even when it seems like what you are doing isn't adding up to anything. Believe me, it is.

office space philippines

Yeah, It really matters to Google. Better to choose keywords with lowest competing to avoid fierce competition and keywords must have commercial value.

David Jonhston

yes you are right there is not a good thing to place your link with anchor text of just "Click here". One must some target some keywords and then work on those

Costa Rica web Desing & SEO

many seo commit this mistake of using an anchor text click here without thinking that Google also takes into account whether the link has some keyword

Pasco REOs

Use website's Main keyword as your Anchor text Link. And also, when doing link building - these includes directory submissions/social bookmarking/article/press release make sure to add anchor text link pointing to your sites, this will help you increase your website traffic.

Pasco REOs


Using the word Click Here is a waste. You should use your websites keywords for (anchor text)links.

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