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June 25, 2009


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Rick Hendershot

I couldn't agree more. Getting a handle on the application of specific networks to specific markets takes time, imagination and experimentation. And the fact that new media like Twitter come and go so quickly makes it risky to commit time and energy to developing a long term strategy.

Ty Maynarich

Most professionals enter the social media world to find NEW clients, strengthen the bonds within their own office, and keep abreast of current market information. I work in an expanding office with about 50 agents and support staff. If we weren't connected on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and our company blog my email inbox would be overwhelmed. These sites create a streaming dialogue of thoughts, ideas, and connections that cannot be matched. To ignore them would have a direct impact on any business.

@Henderhot I can remember a short time ago when people thought that Myspace, Youtube, and Facebook were hyped up sites. Look at them now. They each are worth millions with mammoth corporations playing a role in their future. Whether or not some people choose to embrace social media, it is here to stay.


Clara James

Yes realtors should engage in social media and blogging also. Micro-blogging (twitter) and blogging are nowadays the best techniques to get a client or increase traffic to you website. Many multinational companies are now looking towards these techniques for traffic generation and prospective clients.


definitely have to participate in the social media, is as most importance as marketing everywhere. People tend to "approved" with the emotional sides than the logic when going through sales..

Pasco REOs

I can't see anything wrong if a Realtor Participates in Social Media.

There are so many advantage if they do participates - social media helps you market your properties.
Besides, you can target your friends in Facebook - same with twitter - by doing this - this might increase your website traffic and soon become your leads.

Pasco REOs
[email protected]


Should Realtors Participate in the Social Media? DEFINITELY!!

Social media now a days is the best way to get clients and increase your website traffic!


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