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August 8, 2009


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Scott Scanlon

great take on twitter it is spot on.

We tested a twitter add on to our site fillmyproperty.com where we marketed rental, rent to own, and owner financing properties and didn't have any measurable results.

Although we have other campaigns for other services that are off the charts.

The real estate clients we have helped with branding have used twitter but have been more effective on proper facebook interactions.

Keith Gravlee

Hi Tim, Kinda new at SEO and was wondering is there any link juice to be had in anchor text in twitter?


This is just a friendly note to please hire a copy editor for your blog posts.

Sam The Video Dude

When I first used Twitter I thought it was stupid and silly. I mean why would anyone care what i was doing. Until I figured out I can use it in a different way. I have been using it to see what others are talking about. Specifically in my niche business and in my geographical area. It has helped in this way. However if your not careful you can become very unproductive with it. Understand what you want to use it for so you can maximize it's use for your business.

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