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August 25, 2009


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Keith Gravlee

That's hilarious Tim but sadly describes my sentiment about the current administrations handling of our economy.

Allison Ables

I saw this when it originally aired. Thanks for posting! This story was going around the internet well before the Daily Show decided to make a video. Scary then and scary now.


Yes, we need the government running everything. Car companies, real estate. Sound good. Yikes.


There are many problems in the current market. It will continue to be a problematic situation for the foreseeable future. A large percentage of borrowers are upside down.

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Baltimore Homes

Ok, now that is totally funny. I'm a real estate agent in Baltimore and think I even think that is crazy. LOL

Juliet Johnson

I'm never sure how much of the expert interaction on The Daily Show is scripted. This is both funny and scarily accurate. Isn't it typical how often "experts" think the current malaise doesn't apply to them? Because he'd improved (er, well, updated) his bathroom, naturally he had added to the bottom line. Guess he forgot that we're in 2005 pricing right now!


I've been sorta wrting about this on my blog as well. I don't get how the sheeple sit there and let someone else make up theri mind.


las vegas homes

that's funny ...... if he's financing the house maybe he can talk his mortgage company into 'modifying the loan' so that he only pays 31%? :)


Thank you for posting this article. Keep up the excellent work!

Gilbert Homes

That was pretty awesome! Thanks for posting! -Aaron

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