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December 27, 2009


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Paul Viau

In Canada the local MLS boards are fighting this "loss off clout" ,or power -- The Nova Scotia real estate board are even investigating blogging!
Its time to think beyond and into the future as Tim points out "its coming faster than you can imagine" -After all its in our clients (sellers) best interest!

Don Stewart

Individual agents cannot generate sufficient content/interest to consistently attract consumers in my opinion. Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Google et al can attract consumers because they have size and superior content.

I think all agents need to join together to present their qualifications and services offered, post articles to illustrate their knowledge of the communities they serve and to evidence their positive consumer satisfaction on one web site.

Together, they would have the size and really useful content needed to attract consumers. The agents will be able to differentiate their services and better control their cost to attract new business while providing a much needed service for consumers.

Full disclosure - we have build this website - it is called Agent Invitation. It helps the two real players - consumers and agents find each other without paying a referral fee.

Don Stewart,

Morgan Hill Real Estate

Even with good, relevant content it is and will continue to be tough for individual agents to have enough "link juice" to rank well on the most search keywords/phrases (long or short tail). The fact is that the search engine companies Google (working with Trulia), Yahoo (was working specifically with Prudential Real Estate in CA) and the others who draw their results from the aforementioned own the first two pages on the most searched terms. That being said, individual Realtors who are trying to elevate their content can write "til the cows come home" and they will be lucky to rank on page 2 or 3...which most consumers won't find anyway. I agree with Don that there has to be some form of creative, strategic plan where truly knowledgeable Realtors can cooperate to achieve better results. If I am off base on this I would love to hear the argument so I can broaden my perspective.

Tim O'Keefe

Competing is possible with continual content creation and proper linkage of various sources and quality. I own sites that compete and sit right next to top Trulia listings as do our clients and properly marketed websites. It is possible. And being in Morgan Hill your competition will be less than say Las Vegas which is a fight and a half. I wouldn't necessarily go after morgan hill real estate right out of the get go . I would go after something easier and then dig down into longtail -more specific phrases that can help cause you conversion. city + real estate typically means the visitor is clueless as to what they want. Neighborhood city real estate or homes will tend to cause better conversion. Make sense?
The exception to put next to that is that often times a relocation will put city + real estate.So it is important but you do not have to go after it hard in the beginning.


This new year, we have made a strategic plan. Competition is getting tighter and tighter and so does the strategy.

Chris Smith

Interesting article that shows the evolution of Canadian realty. For example, many realtors forget about the utility of Google Street View. Such tools might facilitate potential buyers in their decisions, as they could get a better view of a potential buy and the surrounding areas before trekking all the way down.

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