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June 7, 2010


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Tim O'Keefe

Page Rank is actually PageRank (words together). I was corrected for my sloppiness by another SEO on Twitter.

So in the name of correctness I am posting this comment. Page Rank usually refers to the ranking of your page in the actual search results.

I would normally categorize this correction as majoring in minors, tomatoe tohmatoh kind of thing. However this ambiguity when said sounds the same. And is the source of much confusion to the non SEO. This is why I use the term SERP (Search Engine Results Page)or amend "ranking" to say "Ranking on the Search Results".

Jan Smith

Good point Tim. Using SERP is a better way to describe or indicate just how important a results page is to the actual request. Many people aren't aware that they may have a PR4 on their home page but their inside pages have no ranking whatsoever. This is why it is important to always build links to all pages, not just the home or index page

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