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July 22, 2010


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maui real estate

Definitely, cross marketing is the way to go. Specially with the potential that FB has in terms of competing with Google (whether or not that will become a reality is a topic for a different debate).


I agree Facebook is so powerful, but Google..hhhmmmmm...Don't think they could be that big..lol



I would listen to and read every single book Dan Kennedy wrote. I love one of his favorite sayings which is: "If you are making money from only one source or direction, then you should not be sleeping well at night."

If you are only using blogging, or social bookmarking sites, or just direct mail even, then you are leaving your buns hanging way out there.

I think if you are creative, you can find loads of marketing vehicles and within those marketing vehicles, you can find different ways of using those vehicles. So, I think a person that plans on using more than one method to market their business has a far greater chance of success at their marketing efforts.

Mark Ellis

Account Deleted

Cross marketing is the west way to increase your sales
Thanks for sharing informative post.

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