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November 24, 2010


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Ralph Nudi

I have found that more and more buyers are coming to us through free resource sites such as Zillow and Trulia, while less are registering on my company site www.myweicherthomesearch.com . I think buyers want to know there is credibility before they register and give their information.

Coach Tim SEO

Ralph, thanks for the post. Yes I agree lots of traffic are coming from alternative sites. And, social proof is huge. And good or bad, these big boys are gaining more brand awareness than entrenched long time companies like yours. Another reason for many proof elements to assure that you are credible when someone reaches your site. Social badges (likes Google PlusOne), active commentary, testimonials, awards, reviews in review sites and onsite, can all add to more captures at the point of your website.
Tim O'Keefe

Mona Koussa

Although Trulia and Zillow provide more choices than an individual agent web site can, listing accuracy is a major concern.

Coach Tim SEO

Thanks Mona-
I wrote about Zillow and Trulia lots back in the day. Even prompting a phopne conversation with the CEO of Trulia because of his concern of my criticism.

Some of the old but still poignant posts:
On Zillow.com http://www.houseblogger.com/houseblogger/2006/02/on_zillowcom.html
Zillow Overdose http://www.houseblogger.com/houseblogger/2006/02/zillow_overdose.html
MLS .Trulia http://www.houseblogger.com/houseblogger/2008/06/mlstruliacom.html
How to Compete With Trulia and Homegain http://www.houseblogger.com/houseblogger/2008/01/tele.html


Comind Work

K, I think that SEO and real estate marketing is important, but does anybody think on the client? Let's see, from my point of view, client is the most important, the satisfaction of a great sale. So, I think that, we need to count with marketing and SEO's help, while we are helping the client to find our best product. For example, I'm living in Battery Park city, and that's all because of the help of a wonderful Real Estate company. A company probably using marketing, but care about the customers.


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