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September 25, 2013


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Jesse Barron

I use open houses for our rentals.

It is amazing when two prospects are touring the house at once -- it almost becomes like a competition.

Risa and David Weiss

Great post, Tim.

When someone asks you "How's the market?" what do you say??? "It sucks, and my sales are down 20% from last year, but it will pick up again soon." Or do you say something like, "Well, you know, the market overall experienced some volatility over the past 12 months. But because I focus heavily on internet marketing, and the statistics from NAR are 80% of buyers and sellers start their real estate search on the internet, I'm never not busy with buyers and sellers, no matter what the overall market is doing."

Laura Kaan

Very true, everyone wants to be around all the hype. Even the appearance of success makes others want to work with you.

Johnny Rey

If selling real estate can be done like selling hotcakes, everybody in the business would be like opening a Mcdonalds branch in every corner. But the truth is buyers are have discriminating taste for a property and sellers don't have enough inventories... sometimes their minds just don't meet. Yeah, i sure want to have a copy of that book.

Gina Tufano

I have started doing shorter open houses for the same reason. Say you have 5 people come to an open...whether that open is 1 hour or 4 hours will make a huge difference on how it is perceived. If they really want to see the house - they will come when it is available. A crowded open is good for business.

UK Land Guy

This is an amazing observation. It just goes to show that we don't know what we don't know. I was surprised when people told me about "staging" homes. Now this "Trick". It is amazing. People constantly browsing through an open house ... tons of cars parked outside ... boy is the real estate world looking differently to me. Great post. It's all about awarness, isn't it?

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